Inspiring Today. Empowering Tomorrow.

Αt Marine Tours, we firmly believe that knowledge is power! Staying true to our promise and ethical commitment to empowering the shipping community in each and every possible way, we support social responsibility initiatives through meaningful education programs that inspire our youth and empower our maritime tradition.

As such, we proudly power the following programs:

”Gο Maritime” by

Α series of educational events providing a channel of communication among new executives entering the Shipping Industry, students of Merchant Marine Academies, and university students. Learn more here!

“Adopt a Ship” by Project Connect

The program brings primary school pupils in contact with seafarers, aiming to educate youngsters about the seafaring profession and the maritime sector. Learn more here!

“Dream Blue” by Potentia

Α complete cycle of training seminars that aims to offer to the students of the 11 Merchant Marine Αcademies (MMA) of Greece personal empowerment and soft skills’ development. Learn more here!

In this unpredictable and turbulent “today”, we choose to maintain a positive view and invest in a brighter “tomorrow”.

You Can Count On US!

Education is the most powerful weapon, which you can use to change the world. Nelson Mandela