ALL CEO GAME 2017 – The Award Ceremony

The ALL CEO GAME 2017 Award Ceremony was held on Sunday March 19, at the exclusive place of The Ecali Club.

ΑLL CEO GAME is the special charity basketball game, organized for the second consecutive year by the leading travel management organization, Marine Tours, which aims to bring together the country’s top executives, for a big common goal: to support “Floga”, the Pan Hellenic parents association of children with cancer.

The ALL CEO GAME 2017 final score – which took place on Saturday 4th March at the Peace and Friendship Stadium, in the presence of Olympiacos basketball team’s biggest stars – determined the amount of Marine Tours donation to the “Floga”, the Pan Hellenic parents association of children with cancer and provided a laryngoscope video to the Children’s Hospital “Aglaia Kyriakou” surgical department.

During this honorary event, Marine Tours Vice President and CEO, Mr. Oikonomou, honored the players for their valuable participation in the game and awarded those who contributed significantly to the high score, stating: “Thank you sincerely, since, your involvement helped Marine Tours vision, of giving hope to children in need, to become real. I promise you that this is only the beginning, as a “wonderful journey” towards the next ALL CEO GAME just begins! “

The Ecali Club CEO, Mr. Georgakakis, was also present at the event. Due to his dual role as a host and a player of the Game, he stated: “From my end, I would like to say how honoured I am that those who are here today have “embraced” me and have made me a member of a very nice gang. I would also want to congratulate Marine Tours for such a commendable and special initiative and finally to express my distinct pleasure of welcoming you today at The Ecali Club”.