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The power of Travel Management

In today’s ever-changing landscape, managing your travel needs can be a very complex and demanding task. Travel Management by Marine Tours ensures that your trips are managed in a greatly simplified, fast, and above all efficient way, delivering the maximum value for every mile traveled and substantially contributing to your organization’s growth.

Optimizing costs.
Upgrading experience.
Increasing performance.

On each and every trip.

Marine Tours, with over 40 years of experience, unparalleled know-how, advanced tools and a team of dedicated Travel Management experts, embraces your strategic priorities, upgrades the management of your business trips and transforms them into a key vehicle for the achievement your goals.

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With Marine Tours, every trip reaches the right destination: the creation of added value for your travelers and organization.

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How we do it

Travel Policy

Planning, the effective way

We tailor a travel policy suited exactly to your needs. Perfectly matching your organization's philosophy. Setting precise specifications, goals, and budgets. Integrating your principles of ethics and corporate governance.

Create the ideal Travel Policy >

Duty of Care

Always next to you, no matter what

As the travel environment changes day by day, hour by hour, expertise and care that ensure the safety and wellbeing of business travelers become absolutely essential. In Marine Tours, we hold vast experience in crisis management and a specialized- duty of care- methodology, that allow to deal quickly and effectively with any situation that may arise on the way.

Enjoy the advanced safety of our Duty of Care services >

Cost Optimization

Maximizing ROI

Specialized methodologies. Superior know-how. Advanced tools. We utilize all that and even more to deliver tangible results, through the cost optimization of your business trips. Our holistic optimization approach, based on mutually agreed KPIs, ensures the highest added value for every service you buy.

Benefit from maximizing your travel ROI today >

Traveler Experience

Care meets traveler satisfaction

The surveys are clear: happy travelers are more efficient travelers. We deliver a better travel experience for your road warriors, making sure that wherever they travel, they always get there ready for productive business.

Ensure your travelers' satisfaction >
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We let data do the talking

Our reports reflect the effectiveness of your program. They present comprehensive data and metrics in a digestible way, giving you a complete picture of all your travel expenses, confirming that agreed goals have been achieved and highlighting areas that could be further optimized.

Why Travel Management with Marine Tours

We transform your trips into effective tools
We make your everyday life simpler
We reduce your managerial burden
We ensure a pleasant travel experience
We handle unexpected events
We optimize travel costs
We support you with specialized tools
We guarantee greater value on every trip

Would you like to manage your business trips in the most simple and effective way?