Announcement by the CEO of Marine Tours, Mr. K. Oikonomou – Action Plan for 2022

Dear Partners,

Remaining firmly committed to creating added value for our employees, our customers and our shareholders, we strongly believe that the dawn of the New Year is the perfect moment to provide you with our corporate manifesto, structured around 4 key pillars upon which our 2022 strategy is built. A strategy based on the valuable experience and knowledge we have gained over the past months facing the future with prudence and confidence.

For our People

We prioritize the well-being and safety of our employees.

We aim to create an environment that strengthens the personal growth and development of our people, both on an individual and collective level.

We foster a culture of respect for diversity and equality, helping to bring out and exploit the best of all.

For our Clients

We provide our clients with high-quality services on a steady basis, standing next to them with actual 24/7 service across different time zones.

We adapt rapidly and efficiently to the ever-changing environment, reshaping our methodology to offer tangible solutions to nowadays challenges.

We empower our clients and ensure their safety by preparing them properly for every waking moment of their travels.

For the future of our Organization

We implement a strategy focusing on the development of our sustainability objectives and the maintenance of our leading role in the market.

We build strong foundations that allow us to remain stable and strong against any crisis.

We invest in new technologies and infrastructure and establish strategic partnerships that make us even stronger amidst a highly competitive market.

With a focus on all of you and a strong vision, we continue our Marine Tours’ “journey” heading into the new year.

We would like to cordially thank you for your trust.


Konstantinos Oikonomou
CEO, Marine Tours Group of Companies