Sustainability: Our Journey of Evolution

Introducing our first sustainability report

At Marine Tours we believe that sustainability is more than a trend. It’s the only way forward.

As a proof of our further commitment to our sustainable transformation we are glad to announce our first Sustainability Report.

To us, the adoption of ESG is not a result of legal obligation but an intrinsic part of our mindset from the beginning of our journey. And now it’s time to step up on our efforts, so that we make this journey, and every other journey, even more sustainable.

Striving to achieve sustainable excellence, we pledge to work harder and achieve more. We focus on our Social Impact, maximizing positive contribution to society and minimizing our environmental footprint. We raise the bar of ethos to become an example of Responsible Governance. We prioritize the development and empowerment of our People. We commit to engaging everyone across our value chain and work side by side with our Suppliers and Partners for the same goals.

Most importantly, all these efforts and strategies are built around our Clients. We do our best to deliver more sustainable journeys and traveler experiences and put all our expertise to the service of their own ESG goals as well.

To learn more about our sustainable strategy and explore its areas of focus, you can download and view the report here.

Marine Tours is your trusted partner in sustainable travel.

Together we explore the opportunities and challenges of the ESG world.