Konstantinos Oikonomou’s Interview on the latest issue of Ship Management International: “Achieving Safe and Efficient Travel Management for Crew and Shipping Executives”

“Serving the marine industry was and will always be a great challenge that became « a marathon with no finish line» during the pandemic!”  Mr. Konstantinos Oikonomou CEO of Marine Tours Group of Companies, stated.
“Hopefully, our 40 years of experience and expertise has assisted Marine Tours in implementing its strategic action plan to help its clients overcome the challenges set by Covid-19.”

Characterizing the pandemic as “a complete game-changer”, Mr. Konstantinos Oikonomou, in the latest issue (N. 94) of Ship Management International, shared his valuable insights on vital key issues such as:

What special challenges did the pandemic bring to crew travel?

– How can we achieve safe & efficient crew rotations?

– What is the role of “sustainability” in the next day of travel management?

– How interrelated are travellers’ wellbeing and performance?

Read the entire interview, now available online (p. 72-73) here .