Marine Tours & Etihad Airways give away smiles to the children of SOS Children’s Villages

Committed to the principles of corporate responsibility, Marine Tours in cooperation with Etihad Airways stands alongside the SOS Children’s Villages with a festival dedicated to the children!

On September 28, 2014, Marine Tours, with the help of Etihad Airways, turned the SOS Children’s Village of Vari into a magical playground. Kiosks with candy, mascots, and clown gifted children with moments of joy and relaxation. The young guests had the opportunity to work creatively through a variety of activities such as theater and music and dancing games, archery, painting and crafts workshop, while older children had the opportunity to indulge in the art of graffiti, decorating with beautiful patterns the premises of their own children’s Village!

This event had a unique character, not only because Marine Tours offered joy to all her guests but because it contributed to the basic needs of SOS Children’s Villages, by pooling resources for their benefit.

More specifically, turning the social partners into ambassadors of her corporate responsibility Marine Tours has mobilized its employees and customers to participate at the event by offering, beyond their warm embrace, school supplies for children aged 4-18 years.

Thanks to this valuable contribution Marine Tours has managed to gather a large amount of school supplies which were delivered to the Executive Director of SOS Children’s Villages, Mr. Protopapas who said “Special thanks to Marine Tours & Etihad Airways for today’s feast that they prepared for our children, showing their distinguished solidarity in practice. Thus the “sponsor” was transformed into a friend; and we thank you for this friendship. “

On the other hand, the CEO of Marine Tours, Mr. Konstantinos Oikonomou, add on: ‘Vision of our company is a world of social welfare and we strongly believe that being able to maximize the number of children’s smiles can contribute significantly to this aim! It is indisputable that we will be present, and we will support the important work of the Association.”