Marine Tours’ Webinar:”Crew Changes: The Challenges and the Regulatory Impact of Vaccination Programmes”, under the auspices of the LISW21

On 13th September 2021 Marine Tours hosted with great success the webinar “Crew Changes: The Challenges and the Regulatory Impact of Vaccination Programmes” under the auspices of the London International Shipping Week 2021 (LISW21).
An interactive panel discussion focusing on how shipping organizations can navigate the future of crew travel, highlighting the vital role of seafarers’ vaccination in it.

As crew managers continue to adapt to an unpredictable and fast-paced situation, the panelists agreed that despite the positive developments in vaccination, they do not expect a return to a Pre-Covid status in the shipping industry before 2023, unless vaccine distribution accelerates in the core markets of seafarers source.

In case you missed out the webinar, you may read its key outcomes below:

Key facts
Vaccination development: The first vaccination data show a very low rate of seafarers that are vaccinated. Since COVID-19 will stay, strong and persistent, vaccination is the “gun” to fight it and get back the soonest possible to crew travel normality.
Human approach: People need to be persuaded on a strong ethical ground and upon serious objections about the necessity of vaccination. Discrimination between vaccinated and non-vaccinated seafarers is not acceptable; it is the responsibility of the community to convince people about the importance of this action.
Global framework: The industry as a whole should see beyond local needs and regulations and should extend all hands towards an effective global response.
Communications: Achieving better communication with the authorities will be critical in future crew changes. All competent authorities should join forces globally to facilitate communication and come up with effective and definite solutions in favor of crew travel and seafarers’ well-being.
Adaptability: It is of great importance to take on board the lessons learnt from the Pandemic. The industry’s stakeholder should focus on its digital transformation while embracing innovative ideas that can build resilience in challenging circumstances.

To view the entire webinar, click on the video here.