With Marine Tours and MT Voyager you do not need to worry about anything. You just enjoy your trip!!

MT Voyager is your new fellow traveler, in every short or long trip, that knows every single detail of your travel needs and informs you on time about everything you need!

Marine Tours, in the context of the continuous improvement of its services, developed the innovative application “Marine Voyager” which enables its customers to have direct access to all information relating to their scheduled trips.

MT Voyager was completed and delivered to the public after an extensive research, detailed design and plenty of tests, in order to respond in the most efficient and pleasant way to the needs of Marine Tours’ clients! Through this application, the user is able to be aware of all the significant information of flights, hotel reservations, transfers, car rental and any other service provided with regards to their planned trip.

It is worth to be mentioned that in the cases of emergency, contingency, change, delay or cancellation, the user receives immediate notifications, in order to be fully informed wherever he is located. The application operates regardless of GDS and notifications are directly available in a global coverage.

The MT Voyager application is available to all smartphones (iPhone, Android, Window 8, Tizen) and you can download it through very soon it will be with you through the Apple Store and Google Market.

Download now the application “MT Voyager” here!


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