An open letter from the CEO of Marine Tours Group, Konstantinos Oikonomou, about the New Era of Business Travel

Dear Partners,

First and foremost, I hope my letter finds you healthy and safe at the beginning of the new season.

It is a fact that our everyday life has gradually returned back to normal. There’s been much talk about the fight against the pandemic, though, the reality is this: our life has entered a restart phase. No one can deny that  the road ahead, is still a long one, but thanks to science and its achievements, we can now hope that the period of great precariousness and insecurity has elapsed.

It is the first time since March 2020 that we have felt we can determine our future, and this is a victory! We hold the steering wheel in our hands, thus contributing individually or collectively on how fast we can claim what the pandemic has once taken from us.

Vaccination- and not the vaccine itself- is our weapon; a collective act of responsibility for the sake of life, health and economy. And although this might sound like a cliché, it is not the case for the Travel & Tourism industry in which we are so much involved. Indeed, no other business sector has been that heavily affected by the pandemic and no other business sector has had its advance so inextricably linked to the progress of the international vaccination program.

Mass vaccination remains today the most powerful method we have to reboot our sector. Now more than ever, organizations need to re-connect with the world of work, to have their people travel, and to get extroverted again, since extroversion leads to growth.

After the partial opening of the borders, 14 months ago, we made a promise: “You Can Count on Us”; and have done so in practice. Today, facing up the new needs that the business world commands, we have renewed our promise: We remain next to organizations and their people with the same commitment and care, offering travel solutions that are reliable and effective, and most importantly that offer a greater sense of security. Travel solutions that strengthen and foster organizations in fulfilling their mission. And this is our commitment.

Let’s fly together on this journey towards recovery.


Konstantinos Oikonomou

CEO, Marine Tours Group of Companies