Marine Tours alongside the well-known marathon runner Popi Astropekaki

Marine Tours, proudly announces that undertakes to support and strengthen the efforts of the top marathon runner Popi Astropekaki, as an official sponsor.

This action is not merely in the context of corporate social responsibility of Marine Tours but carries far-reaching significance for the company, due to the values of fair play, durability, constant and sustained effort to develop and improve, distinguishes and its own development all this years in the industry that Marine Tours is active.

With Ambassador the distinguished marathon runner Popi Astropekaki, Marine Tours sends the message of the competitive spirit and sportsmanship in athletics. The begining of this alliance started at the event “Spetses mini Marathon” which took place at Spetses Island on 10-12 October 2014. The well-known athlete did not only made proud Marine Tours, but also all of us, conquering the first place at the Marathon. Furthermore Popi Astropekaki honored the company by offering to the Ceo of Marine Tours, Mr. Konstantinos Oikonomou her gold metal.