Educational program “at the shadow of a corporate executive”

Marine Tours is a supporter of the educational program “at the shadow of a corporate executive”. By promoting this program Marine Tours expresses actively its support to the host organizations of SEN and JA and makes a commitment for future support of similar initiatives that enhance youth entrepreneurship.

The program’s goal is to trigger students to explore their horizons for their professional careers and at the same time, to evaluate the skills and capacities requested for someone to enter today market work force.

“At the shadow of a corporate executive “program is addressed to senior high schools students and includes also visits to various working environments. Thirty students from   second year of 2nd Professional Senior High School of Aegaleo will visit our premises on Friday, March 21st, 2014. During their visit students will have the opportunity to learn details on how the various departments of our company work on a daily basis, what is the role of each group of staff members, and how the requested by the client service or product are produced and delivered. Moreover, students will meet in person executives from our company who will present them our philosophy behind the job and will be given the opportunity to ask  relevant questions.

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