Marine Tours supporting the 2nd Energizing Greece Conference

The 2nd Energizing Greece Conference was completed with great success at Domotel Kastri, on Thursday, June 23rd, 2022, themed as “Achieving Growth in times of Crisis – Challenges for Innovative and Sustainable Economy and Growth”.

At Marine Tours, we had the pleasure to be a major sponsor of this great initiative, whose mission is to highlight dynamics, inspirational, and visionary development actions from a Greek perspective, as well as the investment plan across the 13 Regions of Greece.

Mr. Konstantinos Oikonomou, CEO of Marine Tours, joined the event as a distinguished speaker, arguing about “Reapproaching our “brand”- A holistic strategy for Greece”. Among others, he also mentioned:

“Any discussion around growth in Greece should definitely take into consideration the Sector that is mostly linked to this concept, meaning “Tourism”. Tourism is much more besides investing in Economy. In fact, it is an important part of Greece’s culture and an investment to society at large.

For Greece, a country that meets all criteria, structuring a holistic strategy, through a wide spectrum of methods and approaches, appears to be the only way towards repositioning the brand “Greece” in the global market and producing added value for everyone.”