Marine Tours organised the charity basketball event “ALL CEO GAME”

Marine Tours organized a unique charity event, exclusively for senior executives, the ALL CEO GAME! The event which took place on Sunday the 20th of March 2016, at the Peace and Friendship Stadium, was held under the support of Aeroflot and in cooperation with Olympiacos BC, as Marine Tours is a proud sponsor of the team the last two years.

ALL CEO GAME aimed to support the Pan Hellenic parents association of children with cancer “Floga” and all the participants did their best to contribute to this goal!

The players of both teams, top business executives, offered a great show and – most importantly – scored loud, since as the higher the number of points scored in the game, the higher the monetary contribution of Marine Tours to the Association!

It is worth mentioning that some of the most recognized players of Olympiacos basketball team encouraged also this aim with their participation as Team Coaches.

Moreover, friends and partners of Marine Tours, as well as members of the CEO CLUB, supported “Floga”, with their presence in the court seats, since Marine Tours increased the amount of its donation to the Association for each additional unique viewer!

By the end of the game, the Vice President and CEO of Marine Tours, Mr. Konstantinos Oikonomou, donated the check of 3,000 euros, to the President of the Association “Floga”, Mrs. Tryfonidou. It is worth to be mentioned that through this donation, “Floga” will supply the Oncology Department of the Children’s Hospital “Agia Sophia”, with a digital image processing station, a very crucial tool regarding more accurate diagnosis and more efficient treatment for the disease.

In their short speech, Mr. Oikonomou and Mrs. Tryfonidou mentioned:

“Marine Tours travels everyday hundreds of people across all over the world. Today is the day to travel the hope for the children that really need it! We hope that ALL CEO GAME will become an institution that will give us the opportunity, to prove that entrepreneurship is not only about mere figures and targets, but also about actual contribution to the society.”, K.Oikonomou

“On behalf of all the parents and children of “Floga”, I would like to thank Marine Tours, who actively contributes to the highly demanding task of our Association. I would also like to thank all of you, players and fans, for your important participation that keeps the “Flame” alive! ” Mrs Tryfonidou