Marine Tours proudly supported the annual “Crew Travel Roundtable Debate 2022”, organized by Ship Management International (SMI)

This year’s Crew Travel Roundtable Debate, sponsored by Marine Tours, took place on February 8th, 2022, serving once again as the meeting point of major Crew Travel Representatives from the international scene.

Mr. Konstantinos Oikonomou, Marine Tours’ CEO, joined the debate, sharing his insights and experience as regards to:

  1. Crew travel and repatriation, two of the biggest issues facing the shipping industry during the pandemic.
  2. The lessons learned and the changes that need to take place moving forward.
  3. The operational and logistical challenges facing the crew travel sector.
  4. The ESG argument and the future strategies concerning the balance between the planet and people versus companies’ profit.

The minutes of the discussions are available to read in the Jan/Feb issue of Ship Management International (p. 70 – 77), here.

Also, the recorded debate is available to view, below.