Marine Tours, with great pleasure, announces its entry into the Olympiakos BC sponsorship program as the Club’s “Official Travel Agency”

Mr. Konstantinos Oikonomou, Vice President and CEO of Marine Tours stated: “Marine Tours and Olympiacos BC share common values and principles such as passion for distinction and continuous progress; focus on teamwork and fair play; as well as clear vision for achieving a better future. It is a great pleasure and honor for us to support Olympiacos BC, a club with which we have so many things in common and one that has already made us proud at home and abroad, and will undoubtedly continue doing so in the future.”

The Olympiacos BC Head of Corporate Partnerships/CMO Mr. Nikos Lepeniotis said in turn: “We are very happy that one of the largest travel organizations in South-eastern Europe, Marine Tours, has joined the wider sponsoring family of Olympiacos BC. Marine Tours, a company with a long tradition in supporting the global maritime community, will now proceed alongside Olympiacos; the team from Piraeus that has reached the top of Europe and the top of the world and now constitutes an international brand, both in sports and commercial activities. We are certain that our common effort and the dynamics of the Olympiacos Sponsorship Program will significantly contribute to the achievement of the corporate objectives Marine Tours has set both in Greece and abroad!”